Elastolith Canada | FAQ’s
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How smooth must be the mounting surface?

Due to the small thickness of the finished Elastolith System, which is approximately 5 mm. The smoother the surface on which you want to apply the flexible brick slip is better for the final visual effect.

Can I use Elastolith in the garden?

Yes, but you should pay attention to the surface which must be dry and no damp. Wet or damp walls are not good substrates for any materials.

Is the Elastolith suitable for finishing the fireplace?

Of course. Elastolith can be used on surfaces that heat up to 100°C. Of course during the application the area should be cool.

On what surfaces can I apply flexible brick slips?

Everywhere. Special Elastolith adhesive/grout has a unique strength that allows you to mount the Elastolith flexible brick slips on any dry surfaces such as scratch coat, Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS), metal, PVC, concrete, external wall insulation, plaster board or any old traditional bricks.

Is Elastolith suitable for bathrooms and kitchens?

Elastolith is an excellent material for the interior including bathroom and kitchen. But in the places like shower or as a splash-back next to tub, we recommend to use smooth and easy to clean material.