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Thanks to the combination of high-quality raw materials and specific production processes, the SmartBrick slip is a unique and durable product. Brick slips cannot be distinguished from traditional bricks, but they do have many advantages. If it is not technically possible to use bricks, SmartBrick slips provide a way of creating a masonry look after all.

 Facing/ Facade Cladding.

For many years, the system has been used with a great success at completing facade cladding. As well as for a new buildings, it can be used for: restorations,
a countless number of homes, apartments, building complexes, shopping centres, commercial and office buildings and other facilities. Thanks to SmartBrick System we can uphold the traditional, elegant and natural look of facade with significant cost cuts.

Interior wall lining / siding.

Take care of an unique atmosphere in your apartment. You can choose from: bright white, expressive dark red or many other colours we offer within the wide range of flexible brick slips.

The use of SmartBrick System guarantees warm atmosphere and original look of your interior.

Decorative element.

Fence? Plinth? Round pole or arches?
It is a perfect place for SmartBrick brick slips. In such places where use of traditional bricks is difficult and multiplies the costs and installation time,
SmartBrick can be used without any difficulties. Unique properties of flexible brick slips can help to solve many architectural problems.
Flexibility and ease of work makes SmartBrick the most friendly DIY product, available for everyone.

See how easy it is to work with SmartBrick!

Check out the gallery of Do It Yourself and Pro installations and see for yourself!